This website uses whatever you have on Facebook to find out things about you. They can recognize you in pictures and tell what time you are on Facebook the most, and where you even live. And everything has a percentage of accuracy, like they can recognize me in 80% of photos but only have a 2% probability of my address. But they do know that I am living in Albany right now and attending college.

I do believe there is a more powerful version of this website that is used by professional data miners. Since they have this website they could easily make one even better that is more accurate and that can find out more things about you. They only have this website available to the public to show what is capable when you put things on the internet. It is more to aware you and scare you than anything, at least that’s what I think.

 This says that even when you think something is private it really is not. And that if people are trying to get information, they will get it someway. So you should not post anything online that you would not want everyone to see because one way or another it will be seen by everyone.



Yes you are making it easier for people to recognize you and the people you are friends with. When you put up pictures of yourself on social media everyone can see them. Even if you have your settings on locked or private or whatever, there are still ways for people to get those pictures and if they want them they will get them. And you are not only putting yourself in danger but you are putting your friends and family in danger. Because when you tag them in a picture you put up it makes it easier for someone to research them. I believe their will be a drastic increase in crowdsourcing with the new technology like Google glass. It will make it much easier for people to crowdsource with Google glass so more people would be willing to comply. 

Individuals Rights of Knowing What is Happening

Yes individuals and organizations do have an obligation to tell the public about digital security failures because they should know if something is wrong with the system they are using. They have a right to know if there is a problem with their safety system, some people might say to not tell them because everyone will become paranoid. But its better to be paranoid and safe than be clueless and at risk of being harmed.

Of course I have a right as a consumer to know if my private information has been accessed without my permission. My answer to this question is almost the same as the last one, because you have a right to know if your information was accessed. I have never been a fan of shopping online because I always thought that is was a very sketchy thing to do. And now after reading this I am definitely less likely to shop online for something. And I will share this with people I know that like to shop online a lot because they deserve to know what is happening also.

I do not think there is one thing that needs to be changed for me to change my answer but multiple things. And I am not sure what would change my mind because if this happens know it might still happen when websites change their security. The internet is just such a complex thing that I do not think it will ever be 100% safe from hackers trying to get peoples information. So you as a consumer just need to be aware of the possible outcomes that could arise from shopping online.

How to Protect Your Personal Information Online

illegal downloading

Yes illegal downloading is a victimless crime that should have more strict consequences, because it is not fair to the people that have put so much work into what you are downloading for free. Way too many people get away with downloading information off the internet and it hurts my soul to know people are getting screwed over because of it. “The FBI states that the illegal distribution of copyrighted work–such as music–can lead to a fine of up to $250,000 or five years in prison.(Ashley Mackenzie)” This quote was taken from the website i have linked below and has lots more interesting things to say about the illegal download of music. 


No illegally downloading music is the same as stealing because you are taking something from someone that is not yours and you technically do not have permission. Even though illegally downloading music is not physically taking something away from someone, you are still taking something that they own if you download it off the internet for free. And there are serious consequences for it just like there are for stealing something physically.


MOOC which stands for Massive Open Online Courses, can work but only for certain people, like for me I would not be able to learn at my full ability from an online course. I learn best from human interaction and with this being online i would not be able to get a full understanding on what we are learning. But for other people it might work great because they like just watching someone teach and they are lazy and would rather not go to an actual class room. So many schools offer free online course and some of these schools are some of the top in the nation. Some include Duke, Stanford,MIT,Harvard,UCLA and UC Berkeley(Kira M. Newman).


Some problems that could arise from this are that some students might not have the motivation to actually keep up with the work and just fall behind. Since this course is online and also free, there are no penalties for missing parts of the class and not doing any work. ” In the course Bioelectricity, Fall 2012 at Duke University, 12,725 students enrolled, but only 7,761 ever watched a video, 3,658 attempted a quiz, 345 attempted the final exam, and 313 passed(Wikipedia)”  This quote that is from Wikipedia is very interesting because a good amount of people enrolled in the class but the # of people actually doing things in the course dropped drastically. 


When Sebastian Thrun first founded Udacity he said “I’d aspired to give people a profound education–to teach them something substantial,(Max Chafkin),” But now he has changed his mind on the topic of online teaching, now he says that  ” I was realizing, we don’t educate people as others wished, or as I wished. We have a lousy product,(Max Chafkin)” Sebastion Thrun also says that the only peopel who will benefit from MOOCs are rich people. But the problem is, rich people do not need free online course because they will just go to good, expensive colleges.

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was the founder of the very popular website called Reddit. On January 11th 2013 he was found dead in his apartment in Brooklyn. He allegedly committed suicide because of the trouble he had recently gotten into with the law. He was indicted on the charges of wire fraud and computer fraud. And more chargers were brought against Swartz after this. Bringing his total to $1 million of fines and 50 years of imprisonment. This seems like a high probability of why Aaron had committed suicide.